Industry News 3/8/2017

New Buyer Rewards Program Set to Spark Benefits for Retailers and Exhibitors at Interbike

March 8, 2017 – Interbike, the largest bicycle industry trade show in North America, today announced the launch of a new show feature designed to give retailers cash incentives to write orders. The Interbike “PayBack” Buyer Rewards Program allows retailers to earn cash back for booking at-once orders during the course of the event with participating exhibitors. Retailers can earn up to $1500, which in most cases can pay for an entire trip to the event.

The buyer rewards concept is new to Interbike, but has a long history with another Emerald Expositions event, The Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show (SLTS). SLTS has a 12-year track record of generating order book at its event, with approximately 100 of its 385 brands participating in a similar program at its January 2017 event, paying out an average of $545 to retailers on $3.9 million in orders written during the show. Exhibiting brands that choose to take advantage of the program, pay a nominal fee to participate, and must create incentives to help drive at-once order writing at their booth during Interbike 2017.

Retailers will be able to find a series of coupons in the 2017 Interbike Event Guide that outlines the brands that are participating, and the incentives they are offering. Once the retailers have finished the order writing process with participating brands, they will turn in a copy of their orders along with an authorized signature from each brand to the PayBack redemption area. Interbike management will verify that the orders submitted were valid following the event and will mail payouts to each retailer within 60 days of show closing. The dollar amounts paid out to buyers, are not as much driven by the size of the orders written, but rather by the number of orders written with different participating brands.

“Our goal has always been to provide a platform for retailers and exhibitors to get together and conduct the business of cycling,” said Pat Hus, Vice President of Interbike and SLTS. “This program is going to greatly enhance the value proposition for both retailers and exhibitors, bringing the order writing element back to the show, and potentially paying for a retail buyer’s entire trip. We’ve seen the excitement and energy that this program brings to the table first-hand at our SLTS event, and I believe that it will do the same for Interbike.”

Hus added, “Our industry is going through a tough time right now, and budgets are tight for everyone – we get it. Companies and individuals need to see the ROI on both exhibiting and attending the show more than ever and that’s exactly what this program is all about. I think the need to gather as a tribe, to network, to learn, to see new products first-hand and to talk to one another about the future is more important than ever before.”

"When Interbike presented this new program to us, we were pleased to be one of the first to participate,” said Wayne D. Gray, KHS’ Vice President. “There’s no doubt that PayBack can help generate booth traffic and benefit the IBD’s at the same time with cash rewards for placing orders - a true win-win for supplier and retailer."

Scott Werne, buyer for The College Corner retail store in Ridgeland, MS attended SLTS for the first time this year. “The retail payback program is awesome,” he said. “We received about $800 back, which basically paid for our trip to the event.”

Sean Murphy, Sales Manager at Smack Apparel, has exhibited at SLTS for three of the last four years and participated in the buyer rewards program for the first time in 2017. “The [buyer rewards] program is a no-brainer and money well spent. As a returning participant to the show, not only did we experience a surge in sales written at the show, but the dollar amount of each sale increased significantly.”

Details on the Interbike Buyer Rewards program can be found on the Interbike Website at Exhibiting brands can sign up to participate directly through Interbike. Contact Andria Klinger, Sales Director at 949-226-5745 or for more information.

Interbike returns to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center beginning with OutDoor Demo in Boulder City, Nev., September 18-19, 2017, followed by the Interbike Expo, September 20-22, 2017.

About Interbike

Interbike is the largest bicycle trade event in North America, bringing together manufacturers, retailers, industry advocates and media to conduct the business of cycling. Established in 1982, the show gathers more than 1,200 cycling-related brands, over 20,000 total attendees annually and is considered one of the most important global trade events for the bicycle industry.

Interbike is owned by Emerald Expositions, the largest operator of business-to-business trade shows in the United States, with its oldest trade shows dating back over 110 years. The company operates more than 50 trade shows, including 31 of the top 250 trade shows in the country as ranked by TSNN, as well as numerous other events. Emerald Expositions’ events connect over 500,000 global attendees and exhibitors and occupy over 6.7 million NSF of exhibition space. The company has been recognized with many awards and accolades that reflect industry leadership as well as the importance of its shows to the exhibitors and attendees they serve.

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