Industry News 3/20/2017

Torstein Horgmo, Red Gerard and Scott Stevens Scheduled to Heat Up Woodward Copper

Today, Woodward Copper announced its line up of pro snowboard coaches and sponsors that have been locked in to heat things up on the snow for the 2017 Summer Snowboard Camp. Shred with Torstein Horgmo, Red Gerard, Scott Stevens and many more in the Pipeline Park, the summer version of Central Park, with 228-inches of snow and counting this winter season. Woodward Copper is on-track to remain open beyond winter, into the spring, summer and fall. 

Red Gerard is no stranger to the Woodward Copper Terrain

Photo by: Chip Proulx

Trampoline Skate Wizard Scott Stevens Loves The Barn

Photo by: Chip Proulx

A day at Woodward Copper Summer Snowboard Camp begins at the Big Island Terrain Park on the hill centrally located down the road from the Barn for some snow time with the world’s best pros. From there, campers get to shred the Woodward Copper Barn in the afternoon and throughout the evening. Campers also get to pick additional recreational activities ranging from: skateboarding, go-karts, rock climbing, mini golf and more.

Week 1: June 4 - 10

  • Torstein Horgmo - Union, ShredBots, Oakley, DC, AWSM

Week 3: June 18 - 24

  • Red Gerard - Burton, VonZipper

Week 6: July 9 - 15

  • JP Walker - Videograss
  • Joe Sexton - Videograss
  • Chris Grenier – Capita, Union and Coal
  • Scott Stevens – Capita, Union and Coal
  • Brandon Cocard – Capita, Union and Coal

Campers can save up to $150 by booking by April 26, 2017 with promo code 10188 here:

For more information of the line up of pro snowboard coaches and sponsors, check out:

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