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Matthew Mantikas
Strategy & Development Associate
Isabella Giordano
Current student at the University of Florida ...
Brent La Fleur
Zo Fuller
Customer service
Chayan Roy
CEO at roysZone
Jared Wright
Color and Trim Designer at Kawasaki Motors ...
David Juno
Coordinator at Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group
Michael Tam
Product Designer & Developer
The Safariland Group
Nick Palatella
Content Creator
TS Restaurants (Duke's La Jolla)
Robert Brink
Director of Social Media & Content Marketing, ...
Tushar Kulkarni
CEO and Co-Founder
Schlumberger-Doll Research
Ralph Valenzuela
Senior Production Manager (Domestic/Import)
Maxwell Schwarz
Graphic Designer
Justin Wolf
Sales Support Representative at SPY
Sam Neider
Brand Marketing Producer + Strategist (i.e. Launch ...
Rakesh Tripathy
Senior Manager, Integrated Business Planning
Jake Schaeffler
Content Creator
JS Photography
Sashika Paranamana
Graphic & Web Designer Freelance
Justine Kousonsavath
Apparel Designer
Tong Wang
Merchandise Manager
Lowe's Home Improvement