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AJ Jimenez
Art Director
Ariana R. Greear
Graphic Designer
Bourns, Inc.
Michael Rudnick
Production , Sourcing, Operations
Max Guy
Sales Coordinator
Mammoth Mountain
Tim Turbett
Brand Marketing & Creative Strategy Leader
Zanik Design Inc
Sarah [Nagashima] Young
Technical Designer
Outdoor Research, Inc.
Cameron Bates
CSULB Communications Graduate
Vans Corporate Office
Sport Psychology Consultant
Small companies, Large corporate, non-profit, educational, financial
Chantal Blommerde
Apparel Designer | Small Business Owner Kids ...
Chandamama - New Delhi, India
Garret Bourg
Area Sales Manager
GB Independent
Matt Zimmermann
Web Developer
Ben Morris
Founder/Principle. Market and Sales Consultant
RSLT Brands
Pat Foster
Graphic Designer/Sales Manager
Taphandles LLC
Nicholas Haig-Arack
Creative Copywriter, Creature of the Woods
Bike Monkey
Anthony C. Bowerman
Field Sales Representative / Product Representative / ...
The North Face
Jordan White
Sales Manager
33 Threads
Lizz Tran
Merchandiser/Product Developer
Lindsay Bortle
Student at Platt College in Riverside, CA. ...
Chris Dunn
Surfers, LLC
Annelise McBride
Rich Kaiser
Dynamic Execution and Results Driven Professional
Spy Optic, Inc.,
Braden Sweeten
Manager, R&D Product Development/Quality Assurance