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Josh Southwick
Leah Decker
Traffic/Project Manager
Katherine Jezak
my resume/cv
rian edwards
Marketing, Social Media Director
Kosta Tsimahidis
Sales/Customer Service
Jennifer Knight-Christy
Administrative Project Coordinator
Venkatesh Modur
Jason Brown
Jessica Lambard
Merchandising Manager
Patti Dickson
Administrative Assistant
Michael Mule
Human Resource Manager
Bob Carrier
Sales Rep
Jennifer Dang
Experience in production/purchasing
Elijah Moore
Sales rep
Trend Tran
Pattern Maker/Technical Design
Khosrow Jahanbin
Graphic Artist
Gilbert Valdesuso
Sr. Director of Sales Americas at RITCHY ...
Doug Luden
Product/Marketing Manager
Chad Knight
3D Cad Design
Steven Lundy
Graphic Designer
Brian Chapman
Customs Compliance and Logistics Associate
Josh Stoddard
Marketing Director
Denise Gealy
Admin/Cust Service/additional