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Holly Walters
Alex Cohen
Alex Cohen
Juan Rodriguez
graphic designer
Perla Montellano
Production/Material Planner
Yasamin Yousefi
Marketing Coordinator
Joel Araquel
Graphic Designer
George Granado
brandon wagner
visual merchandising
TJ Schiller
Arun Sud
resume arun sud
Sarah Kaufmann
Retail Relations Manager
Steve Lux
VP of Sales
Yzabele Gendron
product development, sketching, illustration
Todd Orloff
Sales Manager
Travis Hanson
Financial Analyst
Dara Lewenthal
Marketing Director
Jimmy Cabral
Finance Proffesional
John Harris
Promotions and Marketing Specialist
Evan Fontaine
Marketing Assistant
Trishawna Quincy
Apparel Designer
Dane Thompson
Graphic Designer
Jim Johnson
Mayra Garcia