Chris Noble


In a past life, Chris and his co. changed the face of action sports at his somewhat seminal media company, 4130 Publishing, in England.
These days, Chris is a brand-thinking, absurdly detailed creative/art director with an unwaveringly empathetic eye, twenty-odd years at the wheel and an inherent need to learn and innovate.
A thoughtful, effective leader who can work solo or in a pack, Chris has done it all—mostly—and has kept everyone happy with his award-winning work and subtle sense of humor.
Not to say he’s not ambitious, but he doesn’t worry too much about titles or being a big cheese.
He does care about doing right by his employers in any way he can, which may well be gorgeous design. What makes Chris happy and extra-creative on the job is a nice environment and work that keeps his sizeable brain busy, whether that’s branding a big brand or perfecting pixels for an app icon.
As you’d hope, he’s a master of the print-relevant Adobe applications and proficient in the video and web ones as well as Keynote. He can work SketchUp and Office, and learns any other necessary skills sharpish.
He can also shoot decent photos, illustrate (photo, vector and hand), generally run things, write— he wrote this—and, being English (with a Green Card), make a proper cup of tea.