Jarred Eberhardt

Jarred Eberhardt

Creative Director

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Denver based creative Jarred Eberhardt started his professional design career in 2004 bearing the moniker “WeAreNotYou”. Since then, he has proven to himself and to others that he is a sound and competent creative designer and thinker. His work encompasses a variety of areas within the field of design, as well as inspires, excites, and meets the needs of the client.

Pulling from both his conceptual thinking and the basic fundamentals of design aesthetic, his work showcases a meticulously thought out and unique style. Due to his approach and exploration of ideas, his work has attracted the attention of a variety of clients, large and small.”

From the conception of WeAreNotYou, Jarred has worked within the spectrum of big agencies to small independent clients, iconic fashion brands to small family-owned businesses. He has been involved from start to finish on campaigns of all types, from the beginning stages of the creative process to the outcome of the finished product.