Glenn Brumage


I'm a visionary business developer with over 30 years experience brand building in the Action Sports industry and a futurists view of the evolving business landscape. I have a very strong commitment to helping companies change their perceptions and systems in order to take advantage of the new marketing and sales paradigm. "Omni channel", "always on" with immediate direct access to product information including inventory. Businesses today must have a marketing and sales plan that aligns with evolving technologies and consumer preferences. Connecting your brand with the consumer and giving them the easiest buying experience is critical to success. It is my goal to help build profitable companies through creative strategy, branding, marketing and the best in motivated management teams. "Glenn has always been a “visionary.” His long-term, non-partisan approach to partnership evokes trust and cooperation between all parties involved, yielding well-crafted solutions that move our industry forward." Mike Duncan, Pres. Board Retailers