Debra Minkove


Clothing Designer, Merchandiser, Stylist, Associate Editor, Display Assistant, Operations Manager and Sales Associate having worked in the fashion industry for thirteen years in California, London and Seattle, combined. Currently studying theatre while sewing and painting with acrylics in my spare time. I pride myself on being a hard worker, very devoted and passionate about what I do. A few qualities I possess and value highly are organization, punctuality, enthusiasm as well as being a good listener. I thrive in team atmospheres. I have been building my company, All The While, from concept to fruition, finding it now, fulfilling to my customers and I. Having worked behind the scenes for so many years, I was fortunate to see a whole different side of the clothing industry, that gives me a deeper understanding and respect to the products on the floor. I have had the opportunity of styling at various companies and a magazine, as well, which is a facet of fashion I’d like to explore further. My role as display assistant, allowed me to wear many hats, I love creating with my hands and being innovative, also being able to assist with personal shopping and have the ability to cater to a vast array of individuals. I miss human connection, since working for myself tends to be more remote. I look forward to working alongside creative individuals again in this fast paced, focused and inspiring environment.