Brian Woodward

Brian Woodward

Apparel Design, Marketing, Production

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I have designed most categories at Zoo York, which is a very well established young men's brand. This included; Wovens, Special Tees, Polos, along with Light and Heavy Knits. I started at Zoo York as an intern in the Marketing Department and once given the chance to design, I quickly climbed throughout the design team to become the Senior Designer.??

Through my time at Zoo York I have worked on many levels and many project. From working Skateboarding events, creating events to collaborations with artists and traveling overseas to Asia to visit factories and work with production teams to get the perfect products to our consumers.

Along with designing at Zoo York, I have also worked with many other brands for different projects. These projects include consulting, branding, design, and techpacking. Brands also ranged from young mens to high end to outdoors.