Tom Mount

Tom Mount

Prodcut Manager

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I am a Product Line Manager and Product Developer with a breadth of skills. I develop products from ideation to commercialization, focusing on driving profitably, and on-time delivery. I quickly move from strategic goals to tactical decisions and individual product details while partnering with and managing global cross-functional teams and strategic manufacturing relationships to achieve those goals.

My strengths allow me to drive from the big-picture strategy to the tactical details, including:
• Global Product Line Management
• Managing Global Cross-Functional Teams
• Overseas Manufacturing
• Managing Relationships with Strategic Partners
• Advanced Product Development of Footwear and Sports Equipment
• Biomechanical Analysis, Fit and Wear Testing
• Materials Development
• Advanced Modelling in Excel: Global Financial Models
• Timeline Management for Product Development and Commercialization
• Costing Analysis and Negotiation
• Presenting Products at Global Sales Meetings as well as to Retailers and End Users