Lisa Mumford

Lisa Mumford

UX Designer/Developer
Location: Las Vegas NV
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I am a well rounded UX/UI designer & developer with a strong creative background seeking to continually grow and flourish ain a non-stop ever-changing world.

I began my career as an artist with a passion for the web and wanted to learn as much as possible how to combine these two interests. With a strong fine arts background and many hours spent deciding which path to take next, I started my first steps towards reaching my goals as a UX designer and developer.

I have worked in many different industries. I have designed and built experiences for many users including: teachers, students, faculty members, mobile users, radio fanatics, vacation goers, gamblers and loyal e-commerce customers.

Over the many years I've spent designing and building these experiences so much has changed. Engagement and the user's experience has become so important when time in the life of each user is so precious and competition in all industries has expanded exponentionally.

I've had many great mentors over my career. I hope to continue to have as many influencers as humanly possible as well as the ability pass on my experiences and teachings to others who also embrace the passion to provide the best experiences. With new technologies and changing times the creative possibilities are endless.

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  • Art
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  • Designing
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  • Adventuring
  • Watching Sports
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Co-Founder, Group Y  
Full Stack Web Developer  
Business Development Manager - Outdoor & Bike  
Founder & CEO at Rad Season  
Online Marketing Director  

Burton Snowboards
Gravis Footwear
Fox Head, Inc.