douglas olsen


Doug Olsen is an established, innovative sales & marketing professional with the ability to maximize brand exposure through the development and execution of progressive sales & marketing initiatives and strategies. He has a unique background in tech, cannabis, brand, media, retail, client, digital, social, and event management.

Exceptional relationship, organizational, sales and communication skills with over a decade of experience in the sports, youth culture, tech, and cannabis industries. Providing effective, creative, and forward-thinking leadership.

His career started in the snowboarding world working for Burton, which is the first, and most successful company in the snowboarding field. He then went on to work for Transworld Media, which is the original action sports media company and the still the leader in all action sports media. Following his tenure at Transworld, he was recruited to work for Zumiez, which is the original action sports retailer and continues to be the top youth culture retailer in the world. From there, he joined an emerging creative agency as the business development manager to launch new markets. Currently he is working in the tech sector as the senior account executive for the premier cannabis start up, Leafly. As his career has progressed, he has always chosen companies that are at the top of their field and intentionally chosen positions that open up his area of expertise to cover all aspects of sales and marketing instead of staying in one specific discipline. He has done all of this with the intention of broadening his experience while staying true to what he is passionate about in his career.

Resume upon request.