Emily Derr


I coach creative businesses and professionals in crafting their message through grassroots public relations efforts, content creation and social media, in addition to expanding their audience by forging community and business partnerships through outreach.

I also advocate for self-care and healing practices for creative professionals looking to recharge and reinvigorate to take their practice and craft to the next level. After taking a hiatus from my own creative practice early in her career, I help my clients work through creative blocks and resistance through guided meditation and breathwork.

With my creative background in gemology, jewelry and fashion design combined with my experience in retail communications and marketing, I am an artist myself and understand the opportunities and challenges of my clients. Working with museums and historic preservation organizations, I create both engaging and captivating social media and public relations campaigns for clients who may find social media, writing, and public relations to be a chore so they can devote their time to their art instead. I also coach my clients on how to utilize social media and content development so that they expand their audience and ultimately sell more art.

My programs are tailored to each client and their goals and desires because every artist and creative business is unique.