Kellie Ohr

Kellie Ohr

Office/HR Manager

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The meat and potatoes are that I am a driven professional with extensive experience in human resources, office administration, marketing, and management functions. I am able to successfully navigate new technologies, manage employee expectations and ensure that the organization has a productive and happy workforce. I communicate effectively with colleagues, customers, and vendors at all levels. I efficiently maintain complete and accurate records. It's important to me to always do my best. I have a strong work ethic and feel I lead by example with guidance and patience. I'm well organized, analytical and have strong problem-solving capabilities. I'm also a happy, kind, generous, and when needed; courageous person.

I like where I work now, there is not much I would change; however, there is no room for growth for my particular position. I work closely with everyone here and have fostered long lasting relationships with my coworkers and superiors. I've learned a lot about myself and where I'd like for my career to go. I would like to be able to take on more responsibility and be part of an industry that is creative and passionate about what they do and create. I currently work for MobileNet Services; I've been here for 6 years and have worked my way up so to speak, I started as a receptionist and very quickly proved that I could do much more. It's something I'm proud of. As of late, our company has gone through a substantial shift, we nearly went bankrupt about 2 years ago and we had to make a lot of changes and sacrifices within the company along the way. I stepped into roles that I had never dreamed of and took them over and have since made them better, more efficient and now that we are a more healthy company, I'm training and teaching new teams for those roles. I've pushed myself to learn about 5G and the IoT (Internet of Things) and how it is going to change the world as we know it. I’ve been told that I’m the backbone of the work force; I work with our CEO, CFO, HR manager, our regional directors and our corporate strategist on a daily basis to not only ease their work load but be a part of the fabric of their organizations/departments within our company. Our employees, aka our teams, have chosen me to be their voice, be their comrade and in doing so, I’ve done my due diligence in employee retention, training and encouraging our upper management to invest in their workforce. I’ve also encouraged my co-workers to do what is right for them, their future and families, I’ve helped them in finding training programs to gain the technical expertise that will help them grow, I’ve assisted them in mock interviews for staff augmentation positions and have written countless letters of recommendations for those who have chosen to move forward with their careers elsewhere, and when our company was unable to employ them any longer. Through this process, we've maintained some of the best and brightest in our industry and have fostered a work culture that will continue to produce and attract great talent.

Boasting about my daily life is foreign to me, but nonetheless, I would like to do the same for your company - help you make it great!

Thank you for your consideration,
Kellie Ohr