Joe Johnson


Organized, detail oriented product designer/developer/coordinator. Over 20 years work experience in the action sports and fashion industries. Creative thinker. Skilled Communicator. Independently motivated to find the right solution.

Apparel and Accessories Design
• Trend direction, market and competitor research, trend forecasting
• Color palette development
• Illustration
• Fabric Design and Fabric Finishes
• Technical package creation and maintenance
• Participation in QC and approval of quality, fit, construction and color through development sample, SMS, pre-production, TOP, and receipt of bulk inventory

Product Development
• Product Line planning and maintenance
• Development Calendar planning and tracking
• Materials and vendor sourcing
• Adherence to fit and construction standards
• Building and maintenance of organized style files, reference materials, approval submits, and samples.
• Organized, accurate and accessible maintenance of computer files
• Domestic and Asia vendor communication and travel to effectively translate design concepts to viable products
• Work in coordination with design, marketing and sales to create margin conscious, quality product for on time delivery

Product Coordination
• Organized maintenance of reference samples and salesman samples
• Facilitate product line organization for efficient photo shoots
• Accurate compilation and editing of product data for PLM systems, sales and marketing
• Powerpoint and presentation board preparation
• Product meeting planning, facilitation and follow up
• Purchasing, receiving and re-distribution of samples to sales reps, distributors and team
• Merchandising and maintenance of on site show room and meeting areas
• Actively research and initiate new ideas and processes to make the entire team experience more efficient and rewarding

Software Proficiency
• Creative Suite - Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
• Microsoft Office - Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Entourage, Outlook
• Product Line Management (PLM) systems familiarity