Ayumi Williams

Ayumi Williams

Associate Designer

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HI , My name is Ayumi Williams .
I am experienced Fashion designer .
Please let me know if you need any additional art work or anything Please don't hesitate to contact me .
I have 13 years of woman's RTW contemporary designing with managing design department experience.

I possess strong leadership skills and management at the same time I am a team player and am very good mentor to all of our assistants.
I have strong established connection on photographer- model- showroom etc.. industrial connection including oversea factory/domestic fabric supplier/Dye house/Fit Model .
currently I manage 5 assistant beneath me and I am superior Mentor for all of them.

I am very strong in oversea/import design and having multiple Factory connections (China-Hong Kong -India)

My strongest area is such as soft woven tops and dresses ( silk/poly/rayon etc.. ) to knit ( cut and sew ) to full fashion sweaters , leathers ( full collections ) I am very well rounded and have all type of design experience .
My current company where I work as designer is equivalent to Velvet- Graham and spencer JOIE etc..
I am very accustom to managing entire process from research/Concept to PRODUCTION /finishing product to prior to pre production .
re coloring textile colorway creating print is my other very strong skills I could contribute to you . I have high level of taste for picking print/ contemporary and I could interpret differently and create different lay out - from one ORG print with my exceptional graphic/textile design additional back ground should come in Handy :)
as well as that I have solids experience in sweater intarsia/jacquard pattern designing embellishment/ embroidery art work as well.

I am very good at finding trend and match to brand's identity translate into the collection.
most of all I am a good mentor to my assistant and possesses good personality( uplifting spirit :: and love what I do .)
If you need more art work Please feel free to let me know ::)

thank you so much for your time. and looking forward to hear from you .

Best Regards,
Ayumi Williams