Timothy Drnec


I am a strategic brand designer that is passionate about connecting people and brands together through immersive and experiential moments in time. The world is a loud, busy and complex place to try to get a message across. People long to connect with brands and experiences that add value and inspire their own lives. I live to create those moments and share them in a way that is authentic to how we lives our lives. A plan or strategy without understanding that all brands have a living soul that beats is nothing more than pictures on a screen. I desire to engage consumers to take a journey with the brand. Creating these unique moments can not be inspired by one alone. It takes a team all working in sync to bring these moments to life. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the business to deliver experiences that I am proud of. Whether it's designing immersive experiences for 250,000 people at a golf tournament or developing a new way to launch a cycling event with a dozen street worn riders; the experience drives the passion.