Ryan Reid


I guess my friends considered me to be a artist psychopath, Always finding ways to think outside the box and not following the paths of the masses. I grew up in the 80's in El Segundo California a dot on the map covered by a dead fly. Just a bottles throw away from Venice Beach, and under the jet path of the good old LAX Airport.

I was so blessed to have grown up in the boom of the action sports industry and have so many rad memories of it. It has become a crucial part of me and now at 43 years old I want to share my stoke with others and give back to the real surf, skate and snow lifestyle.

It was never about making loads of cash, instead it was about being apart of something Special which the general populous couldn't understand. Why wear business suits and be a corporate donkey, there isn't enough waves and to little time.

Now an experienced graphic designer, Illustrator, and still a artist psychopath. I have gained experience in screen printing, fashion, print, web and social applications and I can provide fresh, creative ideas and valuable insight to move the industry forward into the future while still maintaining a youthful feel. Because as you know its all about the youth of tomorrow.

>Brand identities, logos and label design.
>Creating original t-shirt designs from scratch "Clip art is wack"
>Creating apparel technical packages with detailed information for the production.
>Experienced in garment design and construction.

Screen printing & Embellishment skills:
>Color separating and proper sizing for production per garment size run and placement
> Embellishments on different fabrics and proper ink methods.
>Able to take direction, collaborate, and/or self direct.
> Embroidery methods and Digitizing techniques
> Embroidery placement and sizing
>Distinguishing different stitch patterns for different materials and aesthetic looks.

Programs & Mediums:
Freehand drawing
Converting into vector
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe indesign
After effects
Adobe Premier
Coral Draw
Posca pens
Prisma pens