Stephen Schur

Stephen Schur

Project Management & Operations

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After almost 14 years in the field I have worn many hats but find my expertise resides in team development, leadership, business development and educating up and coming account executives.

I have built second to none field service teams who embrace a work hard but have fun doing it culture. I communicate regularly with the corporations account executives, national marketing organizations and distributors, ensuring they have all the needed resources to be successful. My opinion is routinely requested by the executive partners / owners or board of directors on the direction of current programs as well as my thoughts on new opportunities; I enjoy consulting with them on both. Lastly my webinars and in office presentations regularly receive acclaims from sales.

*I don't care who gets the credit, I just want the team to win

*I have big ideas and execute them

*I'm grace under pressure

*I have the moral fiber that is needed in business

Specialized In: Operations, Management, Business Development, Team Building, Sales, Training / Educating, Creative Direction and All Forms of Communication (& surfing big waves)