Sean Clark


SEEKING opportunities to join a strong collaborative team, develop compelling stories, and continue to grow as a creative/scientist in business strategy and marketing technique.

I maintain a sharp eye for the business WHY and the marketing HOW. I am a creative who loves ideas and crafting strategies of communication - it's developing means of articulation - it's creating new languages.

I am looking for the crazy ones who hold tight to commencement speeches, the misfits with the audacity to listen intently, and the rebels who enterprise to extract wisdom out of experience. I am looking for visions of grandeur held by perpetrators of actionable plans to create remarkable and engaging communication as a collective effort.

I believe in 1:1 relationships, at scale. I am privy to the due process of learning a business, a skill, or a piece of software to improve critical thinking, analysis, and execution. I am skilled in marketing of all types -- traditional, strategic, digital, email, production, brand, event, retail, media, channel, advocate, global, inbound, etc. I aptly manage and develop organizational strategy, marketing campaigns, trend awareness, creative production, design, copywriting, activation, audience segmentation, and collaborative sales strategy.

Technical skills: Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Salesforce, marketing automation platforms, project management platforms, POS software, Excel, HTML, SAP, SEO, SEM, and digital & social media advertising. I am always open and quick to learn new skills.

Proficient experience, 4 years, with data analysis as it relates to KPI's, A/B testing, measured growth, conversions, and efficiency of processes to exceed departmental goals.