Jen Clancey


Senior Design Manager with experience in creative apparel and surface design, concept innovation, color conceptualization, marketing, trend analysis, management and team leadership. I orchestrate internal and external efforts to advance ideations from concept to launch for in-house designs and globally-branded licensed portfolios.

Over the course of my career, I have designed and delivered premium apparel, color strategies and select marketing efforts that support global brand visions. As a Designer, my goal is to design and develop exceptional innovative products that offer a unique experience and deliver on a vision. I am imaginative and inquisitive and am inspired by new fabrics, technologies, and sustainable practices. I like to approach my designs with a creative mind, and respond to challenges with data driven solutions.

I manage teams and multi-faceted projects with a history of top performance. I aim to achieve goals on time and on target cost. I have a collaborative leadership style that empowers individuals and cross-functional teams for maximum efficiency.

My finest accomplishments to date include building seasonal line assortments in collaboration with globally-branded industry leaders such as Disney and Pixar, Lucas Films, Marvel, Warner Bros, Peanuts and more. I create top-tier high performing brand extensions that combine brand and license partner initiatives. I also build go-to-market calendars that follow seasonal line building, and support global marketing launches.

I have also made key contributions to several corporate initiatives aimed to improve long-term business plans, and streamlined cross-functional work practices to achieve maximum productivity (e.g. Brand Extension Planning, Speed To Market, 360 Marketing Initiatives, Go-To-Market Calendaring, and Cross-Functional Process & Change Initiatives).

During my spare time I enjoy staying healthy with activities such as hiking, yoga, and walking. I also like to inspire my mind with creative outlets such as drawing, painting and photography. I am hardworking, highly collaborative, aesthetically inclined, detail oriented, and a true believer in brand stories.

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