KT Hendrickson


I am a bold designer, a creative mastermind, and an inventor. A rebel at heart , pushing boundaries of the status quo. My favorite this is to create tangible products, visual displays, and memorable events or concerts. My specialties are in industries of entertainment, music, and lifestyle/action sports.

With a very blessed and well earned three degrees from a decade of formal and private education in design, arts/digital media, merchandise marketing, psychology of visuals & consumer behavior, trend forecasting, market analysis, and much much more..
Educate from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Grossmont College, and one of 15 people in the World to graduate with a BFA in Design & Digital Media w/ minor in Action Sports from Laguna College of Art & Design. Gathering a well rounded mastering of analog art/design and understanding of digital platforms to utilizing print, digital, website, UI/UX, to 3-D modeling, motion effects, video production, apparel, branding, and packaging.

Paired with 20 years of autodidact skills in textiles, sewing, fashion design, trend forecasting, and technical craftsmanship. As well as, 15 years simultaneously working in Cannabis industry curating products, managing teams of workers, branding largest legal cannabis company in California, developing edible formulas, and inventing sustainable uses of Cannabis by product. Lastly my venture in music and entertainment, since 2008. Concentrated with a band by name of Tribal Theory as a Publicist/Designer. Touring and working up average 150 shows a year.

At the heart of hearts is the desire to create and improve the world with beautiful execution that forever leaves a mark in history.