Rick Ramirez


Award-Winning Executive who makes decisions to reflect positively on multibillion-dollar sales, store, and category operations in alignment with a company’s vision, value, and goals, and who works to attain a competitive advantage and generate robust employer growth via solutions-centric critical thinking talents for insightful, change-driven results.
Visionary Professional who rises above core challenges to improve the bottom line and achieve winning outcomes, including quickly adapting to evolving scenarios to optimize resources and reach high profit and productivity levels, as well as independently resolving in-depth issues among internal / external teams and partners to boost success.
Bilingual Communicator (English / Spanish) who develops synergistic relationships with cross-geographical decision-makers, teams, and customers; who excels in fast-paced autonomous and collaborative work environments; and who leads staff by example and with integrity to inspire customer confidence and forge strong teamwork to meet objectives.