Brian Bengelsdorf


I can offer you over two decades of successful design and communication experience. My action sports
industry experience has taught me how to create in a very fast paced and ever changing market, all
with no barriers. It also taught me how to manage creative people without hindering their process. My
experience in the pet space has exposed me to trends in mass markets and help hone my intuition. I
can now share this experience with your team(s).

My creative experience transcends:
• Expert level proficiency in design applications including Adobe Creative Suite.
• Highly skilled in HTML, CSS, front-end web development, photography, and video editing.
• Internal agency setting with both internal and external client meetings.
• Interactive content and marketing materials.
• Creative copy writing/editing.
• Strong communication, project management, and presentation skills.

In addition, I bring you the power of scalability - I can work independently or build you a team of
exceptional creatives. Thus, you are getting the entire package in an easy to work with and very fast
creative talent.

I am here to help you craft your story, build worldly momentum, and change the world.

Let’s get started.