Pamela Lemmon


I value street style and am constantly keeping an eye out for bottom up trends, and bringing them into the line I am currently working on. I brought a local Orange County shoe obsession into the O'Neill Juniors Footwear line, which became the #1 grossing closed toe footwear style in the line for several seasons. I constantly stay in touch with my target customer through trend research, open dialogue, and street style observation. I value the opinion of the girl who wears my brand, and will often spend time while trend shopping talking to sales associates about which styles they are loving, and which are selling quickly, or talking to fashion minded juniors in my community, and family. I am creative and intuitive. I am enchanted by every aspect of the design process, and truly enjoy working in the fashion industry. I have been designing and making clothing since I was a little girl sewing my doll clothes. I am highly organized and enjoy keeping things visually organized and running smoothly. I value proper product construction, and have a reputation for being meticulous about construction and function details. I am a local orange county girl. I am a surfer, I skateboard, and I participate the punk music scene. I enjoy designing clothing, accessories, and footwear for the target market which I once belonged to as a youth.