Michael Barrozo

Michael Barrozo


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Native Californian Surfer, Snowboarder, and Skater since I was five years old. Diverse background and many skill sets. I have worked in the Entertainment Industry as a Long Hair Model, Voice Over and Small part actor. Martial Arts are another part of my life and I have studied 4 different styles since I was 9 years old. Lately I purchased a junker motorcycle as a father and son project. Nothing like getting your greasy hands with our son.

What I am asking? Is that someone take the time to thoroughly look at my credentials and really see the experience and potential that can be utilized for a company. Because in all honesty, there is not enough room to fill it all in.


I am currently seeking a new position in Contract Administration / Procurement, or a comparable position that can parallel my complete skill set. A company that has a proven consistent track record would be ideal. The Contract Administration position I held in Exxon Mobil proved to be a job I really enjoyed, and hope to find something similar in the future.

I consider myself a colorful out of the box thinker who is a compliance driven successful Administrator overseeing Contracts, Labor Relations and Vendor Management. Excellent problem solving and strategic skills in emergency situations. Educated in Procedural Law and Quality Management Systems. Outstanding performance in Global Operations. Manager in both Union and Non-Union environments. Comfortable in D.O.D and FAR environments.

I follow simplicity and believe that sometimes the most fundamental ideas........ Actually work the best!