J Bastian


J’s artistic ability, creativity, "outside-the-box" thinking, ability to spot trends and extreme passion
make her an incredible asset to any team. She has an advanced technical skill-set, pays great
attention to detail, understands her audience and remains flexible throughout the design process.
She listens to the needs of the team (and customer!) which is key.

But even more importantly, J possesses a phenomenal work ethic. Her ability to manage a team
and very large workload while under the extreme pressures of tight deadlines, all while keeping a
positive outlook, drive her to the top of her class. She is a team player and is always willing to go
above and beyond to get the job done!

J can effectively manage a team and is highly respected, not only by her direct reports, but by
peers and upper management as well. She communicates clearly and is always open to feedback.

All of these qualities, coupled with a fun and outgoing personality make her a pleasure to work

-Joel Patton/Creative Director