Richard Vye


For the first 12 years of my design existence, I worked for Expedia and Rocktape. From Website Design, UI/UX, Photography Direction, to Environmental Design and Packaging, my experience runs the gamut. Being with Expedia showed me what a well-oiled multinational conglomerate runs like, while working with RockTape afforded me the opportunity to step outside of my knowledge base and grow my talent set immensely. The years I spent learning and working with and for others ignited my passion for entrepreneurship.

I am currently two years into running; a company I founded and developed, both in relationship, as well as technology and product offerings. We work with some of the top brands in Mountain Biking and Road Cycling to allow official reproductions of graphics in custom colorways at the click of a button. Color your wheels, forks, shocks, cranks, handlebars, even frames!

We are looking toward the Skate, BMX, and MX industries next…

stay tuned.

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