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I once heard a radio interview with Laird Hamilton, where he was asked if he could even stand being on a small wave anymore. He answered something to the effect of "The day I can't enjoy and have a great day on one foot waves, there's something wrong with me" and he said he loves riding small waves.
That's how I feel, too. Yes, big wave surfing, and high-energy or high-skilled maneuvers on waves or in parks (snow/skate) are amazing and I could watch or shoot them all day long, but I also think that just getting out there and riding is so valuable, regardless of the amplitude.

I've been shooting stills (film & digital) & motion picture (film & video) since 1992. Traveled many places in the world, on 4 different continents. Seen a lot, shot a lot, learned a lot. Take a look at my www.tc3imagery.com, which hopefully speaks for itself (and note the various photo and video galleries in the "portfolio" dropdown menu)!