Ray Vasquez


so I’m a blend of rage against the machine and thievery corporation, I don’t listen to country but I get the lyrics.

I grew up drawing The Hulk and Mr. T, and reacquainted myself with the pen and paper last Inktober. Seriously one of the best things I’ve added to my creative process was commit to a weekly illustration or watercolor painting.

My love for design started with skateboard graphics, concert flyers and album cover art. Flipping through car brochures was my gateway drug to design school and the opening credits to SE7EN and Reservoir Dogs kept me wanting more.

I recently was interviewed for a podcast and am happy to send the link over, it’s also listed on my linked in profile if you have 40 minutes more to get to know me.

I’ve worked for some great companies and awesome clients & I’m all in and committed
to the best work every time.