Mae Marie De La Pena

Mae Marie De La Pena

Sales Operations / Customer Service

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I'm creative, motivated and eager in my work. I'm someone who's always learning-someone who looks for excuses to learn new skills. I'm always reading, exploring and trying to find new ways to connect the dots. Stepping outside my comfort zone doesn't scare me in the slightest. I hate going home at the end of the day unless I've learned something new and contributed in a meaningful way. I am energized by challenges and problems, a quick thinker with a sense of humor and professionalism. I am a person who can bring order out of chaos. A balance of working collaboratively with internal departments and communicating externally with clients.

A maker of unusual experiences, I am infinitely intrigued by the way experiences can slip from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Seeks to create a more playful, peaceful world one little experience at a time.

I'm open to opportunities and creative fusions, please contact me if you'd like to collaborate or have any interest in working together and assist each other in successful future endeavors.