Laurent Newman

Laurent Newman

Art Director - Creative Director - Award-winning Digital Artist

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Laurent Newman is an accomplished American Art Director and an acclaimed digital artist whose work was recognized in winning 8 prestigious American Design Awards since 2013.

His expertise is in consumer products and packaged goods, including Sporting Goods, Apparel, Electronics, Toys, Health & Beauty, and Home-Decor.

He has worked for the largest players in the Consumer Product industry and has built a stellar reputation as a successful Designer, an Art & Design Director, and a Team Manager.

Most recently, Laurent was credited with producing highly successful imagery that propelled Artissimo Designs,
as the leader in the wall-decor industry in North America.

In 2016, he was also nominated for the Influencer of the Year Award by the Creativepool community and a panel of industry experts, who recognized him as an eminent creative leader from across the global creative community.