Sean Kimsey


I was very fortunate to be raised loving the outdoors.
I taught myself how to ride a bike at age 2, started skiing at 3, snowboarding and surfing at 8, and I haven't looked back.

I love board sports, they have always come naturally to me and they continue to peak my interest. I also have a lot of business experience, from cleaning toilets to owning the business, so I am keenly tuned in to business processes, seeing how teams operate, and most especially seeing where they break down.

In my experience communication almost always causes breakdown. Managing expectations comes in a close second.
I can add value to any business by identifying this breakdown and providing creative ways to set and manage expectations.

I also was in a motorcycle accident in Sept. 2019, it has helped me gain a new appreciation for teams and high level communication. My team, my family, has been able to overcome many boundaries in order to communicate and support me while I was laid up for 5 months. This period of my life certainly hasnt been pretty, but its been fruitful in teaching me how to overcome obstacles, big or small.