Juncker Franck / fjopus7 Grafikdesign Studio


Founded by the independent graphic designer Franck Juncker, Fjopus7 is a graphic design studio, based in the Swiss Alps (Vallée du Trient, VS). Dealing in graphic design, branding, packaging and visual communication. My comprehensive approach to branding lies in the narrow overlap between understated and expressive, history and modernity, practicality and absurdity, with a natural bent for the minimalism and focus on creating sustainable design.

Working with clients from local to international. My aim is to help brands and companies to build timeless and personality graphic designs to reach their target audience. I employ a comprehensive approach to my work which extends beyond the conventionally defined roles of graphic designers. By applying design strategy to a broader scope I can ensure that dull copywriting doesn’t detract from compelling typography. I believe that great relationships are built through communication, trust, passion, and creativity.

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