Dave Morrison


Marketing Areas Of Expertise

•Advertising Campaign Development.
•Advertising Campaign Management.
•Brand Management (Strategy, Product, Positioning, Campaign, Research).
•Budget Management.
•Event Planning.
•Internet Marketing.
•Market Development.
•Market Intelligence.
•Marketing Campaign Development.
•Marketing Strategy.
•Niche Marketing.
•Management (Strategy, Product, Positioning, Campaign, Research).
•Project Management.
•Trends Analysis.
•Web Analytics.

Brand Management Areas Of Expertise
•Brand Development.
•Brand Management.
•Brand Marketing.
•Brand Positioning.
•Brand Strategy Development.

Advertising Areas Of Expertise
•Ad Development.
•Advertising Campaign Management.
•Advertising Planning and Strategizing.
•Advertising Sales.
•Client Contracts.
•New Business Development.
•New Business Proposals.

General Management Areas Of Expertise
•Budget management.
•Customer Retention Programs.
•Product Development.
•Project Management.
•Retail Management.
•Sales Force Management.

Operations Areas Of Expertise
•Customer Needs Analysis, Retention and Management.
•Distribution and Logistics Management.
•Inventory management.
•Project Management.
•Supply Chain Management.
•Software implementations to achieve overall company productivity.