Yuki Hoang


Looking for an industry that fulfills my passion through sales. I have sold everything from Streetwear to Luxury goods. From Insurance to Real Estate. But after giving Real Estate a try, I personally felt that fashion is where my heart is. I have a huge network of friends in the industry and want to get back into that business because it is fun and ever changing from season to season that will keep me on my toes and make work not only fun yet challenging. My goals are to not change a company's culture but to shock them. I am a firm believer that attitude is everything and with the right attitude a company can achieve even more than they initially imagined. At every sales position that I have encountered I have super-succeeded every quota and went over and beyond. Not because the product I was selling was better than the competitors it was because of my tenacity and how natural it is for me to build relationships with others. Having someone buy your product once is great but to have a customer always purchasing from you is residual income not just for myself but most importantly the company. And with that relationship you don't have just a transaction you have an ongoing relationship built on the foundation of trust.