Nick Sansone


My background combines over 10 years of experience developing cohesive, effective and efficient; sales, marketing, and brand strategies in the retail and wholesale industries. Working with both large corporations and startups alike.

My most recent role at Colosseum Athletics was a dynamic role that had me doing everything from sales manager, to brand manager, to event coordinator, to graphic artist, to photographer. I was responsible for the development of all aspect of the new Specialty Brands department, which focus is apparel distributors, imprinters, and brands seeking private label production, as well as developing in-house brands. The most notable was Realtree Active, a brand that launched in retailers the Spring/Summer 2017 season and is already on track to exceed ten million dollars in sales the first year.

The dynamic roles I have had throughout my career, all which have challenged and push me. Has allowed me to see things from a unique perspective, which I believe would be a big asset. And for me to gain more experience, while leveraging my existing knowledge would be the ideal next move in my career.