Kelly Eismann


My name is Kelly Eismann—award-winning Creative Director and graphic designer extraordinaire, musician, world traveler, artist, composer, innovation coach, and former horse wrangler—and I've been working in the industry since 1993 as both a freelance and in-house Creative. I am an exceptional creative leader and strategist with over 20+ years in the industry, accompanied by first-hand experience in virtually every facet of visual design up to the executive level.

Having been a Global Creative Director for over a decade, and a successful creative for over two decades, I am confident that I bring a wealth of creative expertise and design “know-how,” as well as a strong foundation on the operations side. I am the rare unicorn that eats, sleeps and breathes *creative,* but also thoroughly understands how to successfully run the operations side, as well. At this point in my career, finding the right culture fit if infinitely more important that my title. I hope my next great adventure and opportunity to shine is with your organization!