Leonard Gee


Seasoned operations management professional with over 10 years leadership experience in production and manufacturing of consumer goods, product line management, process engineering, creative department oversight, distribution and logistics management. A dynamic leader who thrives in fast paced, deadline driven environments. Proven record of building, developing and managing cross functional production and operations teams.
Extensive knowledge of leading design and development teams, work flow evaluation and optimization, interdepartmental integration, business process reengineering, domestic and foreign manufacturing, international logistics and event management.
Approachable and responsive who successfully builds high performing teams through mentoring and effectively guiding teams through change within company’s big picture. Constructively leverage experience to develop new ideas and ensure employee engagement and morale.
My broad base of experience brings perspective and out of the box thinking to operations and production environments resulting in a proven track record of delivering high quality ensuring success for the departments under my direction.


• Successfully managed inter-departmental teams to streamline business operations and increase efficiency.
• Reengineered business processes to shorten production time and increase workflow.
• Skillfully managed product development and design teams to create internationally viable product lines.
• Performed factory inspections prior to corp. acquisition to ensure practices, standards and equipment were as stated in purchase agreement.
• Managed global manufacturing operations and critical logistics infrastructure for up to 30 vendors at one time.
• Lead cross functional teams to enhance communication and productivity.