James Mohan

James Mohan

Head Of Design - Apparel / Design / Concepts / Innovation

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I am an experienced design director, apparel designer and creative professional with over two decades of design and product experience in the areas of concepts, innovation, sustainability, technical outerwear, lifestyle and sportswear, athletic and activewear.

I have a broad background in creative thinking, direction, product design and innovation, materials technology, merchandising, branding and integrated strategies.

I design for relevance in any market, regional or global. My niche is technical performance apparel infused with great style and fit, creating cohesive collections that are appropriate for the consumer and marketplace. I can create products from concept to delivery, offering full product solutions covering every aspect of design, production and supply chain. I have also worked with Olympic athletes and professional teams to achieve athletic success, and have facilitated appropriate lab and field testing for proven results.

I travel extensively in Asia, Europe and Central America, and have developed strong partnerships with international vendors.

Please contact me at james@mohandesign.com or (303) 884-2348 for any opportunities.

• Creative and Design Direction
• Design Innovation
• Design Management
• Apparel Design with Concept, Sketching and Technicals
• Merchandising
• Mentoring
• Knowledge of Biomechanics and Human Physiology
• Expert in Sustainability and Recycled Materials
• Expert in Woven, Knitted and Seamless Textiles
• Graphic Art, Design, Embellishments and Production
• Trims' Design and Development
• Pricing/Positioning Strategies
• Brand Strategies
• Directed Digital Media and Copywriting
• Expert in Mac OS, Adobe CC, Matrix1 Systems, Browzwear 3D, Microsoft Office