Richard Pinos


Hi, My name is Richard Pinos but I go by Richie. I am a recent business marketing graduate from West Chester University. I currently work for TA Instruments (the world's leading thermal analysis supplier) as a inside sales/marketing representative. My duties include: -Researching public databases and websites in government, academic and industry for competitive placements of thermal physical property instrumentation as well as other analytical instrumentation. -In written form communicate with these contacts about TA products and services and develop communication and relationships toward developing an interest in TA products and services. -Developing a deeper marketing database inclusive of competitive placements. -Develop and track metrics as a tool to improve “hit” rates and provide competitive placement information to our field sales teams. -Utilize social marketing toward the same goals as listed above A high skill level in time management, organization, and verbal/written communication is necessary in achieving daily tasks. In addition to these skills, a high level of confidence, perseverance, and motivation is also essential to the daily routine. Time management, organization, and verbal and written communication assisted with physically carrying out my day-to-day responsibilities, but these skills could be taught. Being confident, motivated, and having perseverance is what is truly needed to accomplish the goals and objectives of my position. Goals: Switch jobs to one that you know you will enjoy more. Thank you & best regards, Richie