Anika Haag


I've been in love with writing since I was a young kid. These days I get to do it as a "job." I use quotations because writing doesn't seem like a job. It's way too fun for that.

I got into PR in college because the profession required a lot of writing and it looked glamorous. I practiced PR for eight years because it required a lot of writing and it was (sometimes) glamorous. I got out of PR because the only thing I wanted to do was write—forget the glamour. I realized this while I was the in-house PR Manager for the etnies brand at Sole Technology, which also meant I was the in-house copywriter. They had me write everything, and I couldn't get enough.

Since then, I've been lucky enough to be the copywriter—both in-house and freelance—for a bunch of other fun brands (etnies, DC Shoes, Incase, Tavik, Urban Decay, Oakley, Wet Seal and more). I hope the momentum continues for as long as I can think, see and type.

Check out some of my work here: