Mike Bohak


Since 1990, I have worked in the creative industry. I started airbrushing surfboards in Central Florida and then moved to Southern California to hone my skills in Huntington and Newport Beach. In 1998 I earned an AA in Graphic Design at Platt College. This landed me a job at a web development company. This was a very prosperous time for web designers and I was lucky to be a part of it. In 2003 I moved back to Cocoa Beach and worked at a great internet marketing firm near Sebastian Inlet. While working there, I started a newspaper publication which did very well while I was there, but I had to move on from that venture. In 2009 I worked for an advertising agency as the Creative Director where I directed, designed, and managed the production of commercials, websites and print material in Melbourne. From 2011 until now I have been working as the senior designer and Illustrator at a design firm.
I will be updating and consolidating this information when I can.
My goal of this summary is to communicate my appreciation for the industry I have been involved in for 30 years, and my very wide range of skills from the more high tech stuff to the more traditional skills that in my opinion often bring more character to a project's development .
I believe it is this range of skills that adds value to any team I join.
Thank you for you're time.