Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

Production Manager

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For the past two years I have been working with a company called Watershot Inc., who makes waterproof Housings for iPhones. Watershot products are used by Scuba Divers, Snorkelers, Surf Photographers, and Amateur Underwater Photographers around the world. My role at Watershot was originally to be the Office/Warehouse Manager, but within months I was moved up to the Operations Manager. As the Operations Manager I was in charge of customer service, fulfillment for b2b and b2c orders, shipping and receiving, maintaining the office equipment and supplies, inventory management, invoicing, payment processing, data entry, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation for all credit card transactions in Quick Books, forecasting, and putting out any fires as they pop up. During my last year at Watershot, the company consisted of the Owner, Steve Ogles, and myself. Steve worked out of his home office in Coronado, and I was in charge of the Sorrento Valley Warehouse. During this time Steve was also a full time airline pilot and was actively involved in running another company that he owned. Needless to say Steve was very busy, so he did not come to the Sorrento Valley Warehouse, I was left to run the show as I saw fit. I have developed the skills to work on my own with little to no direction or supervision, yet still stay on task and be proactive to help grow the company.

Before I joined Watershot, I spent 5 years working for KVA STAINLESS Inc.. In that time I have held several positions: Shop Technician, Shipping Coordinator, Inside Sales, and Production Manager. It has been my pleasure to learn and grow with a company that is so heavily involved in the bicycle industry, which I have been passionate about ever since I was a little kid. I am now looking to use the knowledge I have gained in order to take advantage of new opportunities and further my career in the action sports industry.