Brittany Barbour


Throughout my career, I have sought every opportunity to learn the intricacies required in a successful business. Working as an event and marketing coordinator, I have developed into a dependable manager of creative and business based ideas, merging them into an effective platform for our client’s product. I am versed in the wide spectrum of team management, idea development and time management present in a fast paced environment. All of the above experience has taught me how to be a very successful sales marketing and events person, and these are the positions I am seeking.

During my time as the Manager of Marketing and Operations/Event Planner at PTTOW!, which is an invite-only private member network and summit, focused on the trillion dollar young adult market, we brought together CEO's, Cultural Icons and the top marketers from the world's most innovative companies. PTTOW! serves as a high-level forum for discussing youth media, marketing and culture across every major industry category. Speakers and members include: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama,, Kelly Slater, Tony Hawk executives from DC Shoes, Cirque du Soleil, Coke, Pepsi, Quiksilver, YouTube, US State Dept., ESPN, Gates Foundation, Red Bull, Warner Bros. Music, and many more.

By contributing to the building of this network, I am now quite familiar with the initial planning and project management necessary to produce a game changing project, as well as hosting private member dinners/events all over the world, along with a three-day summit that was held once a year. I am very confident in my ability to manage and execute various projects based on diverse strategic goals while working closely with high profile clientele. I am an ambitious and hard worker whose goal is to expand my knowledge and grow my career.

My current position is representing the former VP & West Coast editor of Playboy selling her private photography collection internationally, and dealing/negotiating with auction houses in London, Miami and Los Angeles.