Christopher Hegerfeld


I am a successful brand and IP licensing leader experienced with hard and soft lines consumer products in the apparel, accessory, and equipment categories. I generate incremental revenue in all retail channels through merchandising, marketing, and sales strategies that deliver on-trend products and experiences to the customer and consumer. I develop and implement streamlined business processes and analyze trade and competitive data to continually identify and secure opportunities for the brand.

I lead and manage focused programs and projects that leverage brand content and assets through cohesive product design, marketing support, and sales methods between internal and external stakeholders to answer product and category needs. I deliver thoughtful and functional licensed products that enhance a brand's DNA, I aid coordinated sell-in and sell-through efforts, and I increase consumer exposure, engagement, and loyalty.

I prospect, negotiate, sign, and manage category licenses, territory master licenses, regional distribution agreements, and special partnerships and collaborations with global brands, major entertainment studios, and celebrity estates within North America, Australasia, Asia-Pacific, India, and the EU. I schedule, conduct, and support face-to-face retailer meetings with decision-makers of all levels, as well as lead trade shows and conferences. I translate market feedback into actionable strategies and business plans.

I deliver to each license design, merchandising, marketing, sales, and back-end resources to maximize success that benefits the overall brand.