Brian R Miller

Brian R Miller

Industrial Designer

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I love to solve problems. Industrial Design (ID) is not just about drawing pretty pictures for people (although I do that too), it is about defining experiences through the design method. The crux of Design Thinking within the context of the business, is understanding, through empathetic research and being able to COMMUNICATE your insights to others. If you cant communicate the needs of your constituents to the powers that be, you'll never get buy-in, stifling your opportunity for innovation while business stagnates. ID visualization, is used to communicate ideas, concepts and solutions so that everyone in the boardroom immediately "gets it," and once we're all on the same page, we can move the ball forward in the most efficient way possible.

Strategic Product, Process and Business Model design, including long term innovation strategy execution.

Clients Served have included:
John Deere,
Mutual of Omaha,
TAMKO Roofing,
Arlon Electronic Materials,
KASCO Sharptech,
Office Depot Europe,
OMG Inc,
Hickman Engineering Systems,
BMGI North America