Matt DeGiovanni

Matt DeGiovanni

Managing Partner
Currently: Managing Partner at CommuniTree Gardens
Location: Encinitas CA
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I entered the Biotech field a long time ago with the goal of working with those who will eradicate hunger on a global level, and I have been fortunate enough to work with many different companies who share the same goal. It is my true driving force behind what I do and it is what keeps me going. Currently, I have branched out to take on starting my own side business, allowing me more experience in digital marketing, project management, and strategy. I intend to continue running this as an investor moving forward.

I have had great success in the past as a sales rep in the biotechnology field, but in the past few years I was exposed to the grim nature of the field in which large companies like Monsanto and other big Pharmas commit atrocities on a daily basis. The support of these companies, in my mind, was absolutely not acceptable, and for me to continue to work in that field was unacceptable.

I would like to take the sales and marketing knowledge that I have gained over the past 9 years to transition over to a sales position among more like minded people where my morals aren't compromised on a daily basis. This is more important to me than any paycheck could ever be.

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  • In no particular order- Surfing
  • snowboarding
  • bouldering
  • gardening
  • very heavy into music
  • wood working
  • surfboard shaping
  • old vans
  • existentialism
  • painting
  • Ray Johnson
  • family
  • no sports
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Director, Client Services  
Multimedia Specialist at San Diego Padres  


Zuffa, LLC | Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)